February 27, 2008


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I was asked what I am getting out of this, and I have to pause in my writing to clarify a few things.  My few blogs so far show only my own emotional turmoil, which is sometimes the cause of my husband’s feelings or actions, and do not show him for the amazing and kind person me is.

My husband is a generous, loving, and wonderful man.  One of his flaws is that he is really, really bad at multitasking in just about any way.   One of those ways that he just can’t seem to do it is keeping track of time (if he doesn’t REALLY have to) when he is doing something… like making out with his girlfriend.  We’ve since solved this problem by giving him a specific time at which to either come home or call me when he goes out with friends or dates to solve this problem.

As to what I get out of it, well, eventually my hope is to find someone nearby to enjoy in the same way that he enjoyed Becky.  For now, no one local has presented an opportunity, and I am happy just waiting.  I also have a very deep and intimate connection with a man that I have never actually met in person, and with whom I speak pretty much every day.

My husband is an amazing man, and not only do I get the same chance to enjoy outside relationships that he has, I also get the closeness that we have attained through this incredible level of trust and the self growth that I have attained through vanquishing my own green-eyed demons.




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