March 2, 2008

My Side

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I’ve heard a bit from people about how unfair it is that my husband gets a girlfriend, and I am still only with him.  In fact, this is not because he has in any way restricted me.  I have had several interests since the entire poly adventure began, none of which have panned out.  One gentleman, an old friend rediscovered, was busy chasing a girl who was playing hard to get.  A man that I met last September emailed me a few times, then confessed that although I seemed very mature, he was subject to age bias and didn’t want to date me (okaaaaay…).  By the way, that one has since started pursuing me, but his comment rather threw my interest.  Another interest lives all the way across the country, and his girlfriend has decided that they need to focus on each other for a while.  He and I are very close friends, and that is where it will stay, at least for now.

I also have a crush on a guy who teaches a class that I enjoy, but I really don’t think he’s available, cute as he is.  And so, you can plainly see that I have had several opportunities, but that there are simply no actual openings before me quite yet.  Since we have a kidlet, picking up strangers in public places is not typically possible (men run from women with babies), so I am and have been mostly content to sit and wait.

There is a poly conference coming up this summer, and I have dedicated a fund to taking that trip with my husband and meeting other lovely poly people.



  1. Virginia Lee said,

    Well, you have me completely fascinated, Kathleen. Blessings to you and yours.

  2. Kathleen said,

    Thank you, Virginia. Please feel free to keep checking back. 🙂

  3. Redzilla said,

    Having read about hubby’s poor time management skills between the two relationships, I’m very curious about what will happen in hubby’s attitude when you finally do find a special someone else…

  4. Kathleen said,

    I wonder about it as well. (By the way, he only saw Becky once a month or so, so it’s hard to blame him for getting caught up in the date.) He’s very non-jealous in thought, so we’re both waiting to see if he maintains that way of thinking when I find someone to date.

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