March 8, 2008

Mmmm… Jellybeans

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I’m only going to be able to vaguely relate this to poly, but it is a relationship thing, I swear.  B are with me…

My husband and I are “into” BDSM.  I found out that my secret feelings had a name, submission, and that there were other people like me all over the place.  This was so exciting to me that I was not some kind of freak, but it also scared me.  What was I going to tell my husband?  It took a lot of courage, but I told him about myself and my feelings and then told him a little bit about BDSM.  His response was, heart warmingly, that he would do whatever he needed to in order to give me what I needed.  I have a really great guy.

We started out with light play and me topping from the bottom, moving deeper until we hit Master/slave, but I was still feeling as if something was not right, and maintaining the power all the time was exhausting Michael, so we stopped cold for a while, back to normal, just to get a rest.  One day I mentioned how much I loved it when he called me pet (I think I was also pouting at how seldom he called me that), and our new relationship was born.

I am a service sub, which means that I get my jollies off of doing things like cooking for my Love, but I also have very pet-like inclinations, like my mischievous side, which I kind of had to suppress in slave-mode.  Calling me a pet gave me the control (or rather lack of control) that I wanted, and  him a level of control that he could handle, and things have been great.  By the way, this is NOT puppy play.  I am a human… just a pet human.  🙂

So… on to the jelly beans… they are my treat when I am a good girl.  I get one jelly bean, and he gives it to me by hand.  I love it.  He does the same sometimes with things like popcorn, but jelly beans are my “good girl” snack.  *melt*

I wonder how this will affect our poly relationships as time goes on.  He tends to equalize things between us when it comes to outside relationships (allowing me to chat with a close male friend, for example, when I was on a speaking ban at home) .  I wonder what his girlfriends in the future will think when they see me kneeling on command, sitting at his feet, or having my head scratched.  I wonder if my boyfriends will “get it”.  Kink and poly often are near each other at least, but certainly not always.

I love my jellybeans.  🙂


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  1. Aimless In Love said,

    Jellybeans=seriously; the cutest thing I’ve ever heard!

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