March 9, 2008

What Happened Next

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The last time I talked about Michael and Becky, I was talking about a date that they had at the park near our home. The next time we saw her was at her birthday party, and I had a two week old baby at that point. I spent most of the evening taking care of him, so I didn’t really do much, but there wasn’t much going on. I watched them snuggle up during a group coversation for a while, then got a little bored and wandered off, where I met a nice guy who seemed interesting. We spent a while chatting before the night was through. I was having a very horny evening, but we hadn’t clarified rules on sex and there wasn’t really a place for it anyway, so I was under tight control. Michael and I stayed at a hotel that night, and headed the rest of the way home the next morning.

Their next date was at her house, about one month later, and Michael spent the night. It was odd for me, being all alone in the house, and I had also had the baby by then, I think. The timeline is a little fuzzy months later. I was pleased with how OK I was overnight. It was a good evening.

They didn’t have sex, but they did sleep naked and did some fooling around. Michael talked to me about it later. I didn’t mind hearing about it, and had only a moment of jealousy, which made me happy. I like that I have come to be able to control myself so well. Their NEXT date was almost two months later, and came about as a surprise to Michael from me. I planned with Becky to have her drive down one evening. I was going to make dinner for all of us, then go to my parents’ house to watch movies and give them alone time. All they had to do was put the baby to sleep.

From the moment that Becky got there, the NRE took over and I kind of became invisible. Neither of them was in the mood for what I had planned to cook, so we ordered a pizza. I would say that “we” hung out, but it was really me talking to them while they snuggled and made out. I don’t blame them, exactly, I know, for one, that Michael had been really missing her lately and that he was very surprised and caught up in the moment. He also didn’t know what I was planning. I fed the baby, pouting and irritated, I admit, and put him to bed, then left.

I was almost through with the first movie (one that I had actually wanted to see for a while, YAY!) when they called. Apparently the baby had woken up soon after I left, and was still crying. They wanted me to come home. I told them I would be home in about a half an hour, finished the movie, and went.

When I got home, I came in the back door and saw that the lights were off. The baby was half-wrapped in a blanket lying on an easy chair screaming. Michael and Becky were standing in front of him making out. The story that I got afterward was that they had only just paused from entertaining him, but it was not a pretty sight to be greeted with. I took him upstairs without a word, and Becky suggested to Michael that he go with me. I walked upstairs, turned into the bedroom, and suddenly felt like a fist had hit me in the gut. There were candles lit above our bed, and a bra hanging from the bedpost. I blinked, took a breath, and continued to take care of the baby. The baby’s diaper was dirty, and being a brand new dad, Michael hadn’t even thought of checking it. He really felt terrible.

We talked later about rules, after Michael had gone down to say goodnight to Becky. I had originally said that our bed was ours, but I had said that our house was ours, too, and then let him go downstairs to snuggle naked with Becky the morning of the last time she had stayed over. So many of the rules had changed that neither of us had thought about the rules that had not. I think I cried some that night, and he held me and comforted me. It was hard, but ok. The next morning he asked to go down to her, and I let him.

I listened at the stairs for a while, knowing that neither of them would mind. I guess I was just trying to eroticize the moans and gasps that I heard coming from Becky, and to some extent I did, but it was also a little disturbing. I eventually shut the door and went back to bed, but I couldn’t sleep and I felt trapped in the bedroom. He eventually came back up to tell me that it was safe to come down again. He said “I’m down a condom,” sounding excited and pleased to tell me. I was happy for him, but I still felt like I had been punched for the second time. All I said was “I figured”, and we all had breakfast together before she left.

Later that day brought a BIG fight, but you’ll have to come back tomorrow to find out why.





  1. Rori said,

    I don’t know where my relationship will take me, and while I can’t imagine a poly relationship right now, it may be somewhere in my future. Who knows?

    But one thing is certain. Our bed will always be OUR bed. I’m not dominant at all in our relationship, even when he wants me to be…but about that, he’d hear me loud and clear. You’re a better person than I am – I would have made her go home or to a hotel.

  2. Kathleen said,

    Why would I? It certainly wasn’t her fault!

    It was a pretty emotional night, though, and the next day was even more emotional.

  3. Your cliffhangers only work on people reading in real time. Ha ha 🙂

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