March 14, 2008

The Big Question

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I joined a blog chain and I was going to wait for the woman in line ahead of me to post today so that I could add my post, but it seems that I will join the chain tomorrow, instead. For today I present a big question regarding my own experience:

What changed her mind?

I emailed Becky to ask her if she had been thinking of breaking up with Michael when she slept with him, and to my surprise, she said “No way!” So why did she start in on that line of thought the very next day?

My favorite theory is her boyfriend. Becky is a member of a triad with another woman and a man. The man and woman were a couple before they met Becky, who mas married at the time, and they formed a quad. Becky’s husband got upset about something, and blew it so far out of proportion that it ended in divorce and, of course, he left the quad as well. The triad, as I see it, is amazingly unstable. It’s like trying to balance a pyramid on its point with these three. The other woman was the primary, and now she feels left out as Becky and the man bonded closely and even exchanged “wedding rings” (they aren’t actually married, but consider themselves so). By the way, the ring thing is something that he has NOT done with the other woman, which fuels the fire. So, there is jealousy there.

The man also has a full harem of women. He “is seeing” between 4-6 girls OTHER than his two primary ladies last I heard, and this is a cause of much jealousy and angst in Becky and her fellow lady. Add to this the fact that 2/3 of the triad is either unemployed or holding unstable jobs, and you begin to see the cracks forming here. Anyway, the point I was going for is the man, we’ll call him “George”. George is incredibly jealous of Becky’s other partners for some reason. He even flirted pretty heavily with me once, since she was making eyes at my husband (this was when they were dating).

Add one insecure woman who wants more time/attention, etc from her man and one man who wants her all to himself (women apparently don’t count), and you get the formula for manipulation. Do I think George broke them up? Oh, who knows… but I do think that he tried. He even tried to get me to break them up, once.




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