March 17, 2008

TOW and Affairs

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Being the curious little creature that I am, I decided to do a search for “the other woman” myself to see what I came up with. One of the results was a site called TOW or The Other Women, and is a site that is a support and networking place for women involved in affairs with married men (or the other way around, although I didn’t see many if any men when I was cruising the pages). Sick fascination had me reading things like “does your boyfriend wear his ring when he is with you”, with comments from the “other women” like “I tell him ‘Don’t touch me with that thing!’ He’s been forgetting to take it off lately. One of these days I’m going to throw it out the window!”

What a sick and twisted little world that seemed to be. I realize that not everyone is cut out for poly and that in most cases if a man asked for extramarital sex, his wife would hit the roof (and probably bounce twice), but to cheat? I swore to myself when I was a wee lass of 13 that I would never cheat, and that if I felt it was necessary, I would end the relationship, and I have stuck to that. But what about the kids, you say, what about the family’s judgment… Well, I’m sorry, but an affair just seems like such a sick and sad thing to me.

There is enough jealousy and turbulence in life without adding lies to the mix. Yes, knowing that my husband has had sex with another woman is painful at times or difficult, but it would have shredded my heart to know that he had had sex and lied about it. Anyway, a lot of the time I can just feel happy for him that Becky made him happy, and that is a wonderful feeling. There isn’t even a possibility of that in an affair.




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