April 2, 2008

Seeing my Ex

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Talk about stress!  My ex came to visit, and I was so stressed out all morning that I felt like I was going to throw up.  I had dreams the night before of him trying to rape me (because I’ve mentioned before that I am into BDSM and rough play) and I had to chase him out of the house with a knife.

He did not, if fact, try to rape me, or even kiss me.  Instead, we each bought our lunches, then we sat across from each other in mostly silence.  Then we walked to a bookstore and wandered and sat in mostly silence.  Then he finally suggested that we head out.  I think we may have lost this one… I’m so uncomfortable around him, now, because I know what he’s likely thinking about.  It makes me sad.



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  1. stamperdad said,

    They call them “ex” for a reason. Although my ex is the mother of two of my children and I don’t hate her, I sure have no desire to see her. She represents a sad part of my life that I moved past long ago.


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