April 7, 2008

Sad About the Ex

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I am really sad about the way that things have ended up resolving between me and my ex.  I know that some of you said that an ex is an ex for a reason, but just because our relationship didn’t work out doesn’t mean our friendship has to crash and burn.

Unfortunately, when he comes online now I don’t have the urge to talk to him or share with him that I have had for years, and when he talks to me I find myself wanting to try to distance myself from him.  I think that by asking me to sleep with him, my ex has killed our friendship, and that makes me really sad.  Unfortunately, I don’t think I will ever be able to stop feeling like he wants something else when we talk.  😦




  1. Unreal said,

    Give it time…its still fresh for both of you.

    A good friendship will overcome a few moments of awkwardness.

    I think the advice of being an ex for a reason has more to do with it being sad for him wanting to push the issue, because you do obviously care about him greatly 😦

    I guess that is my sage advice. Just give it time and see if things come back around to where they were before.

  2. Mada said,

    This doesn’t mean the death of your friendship. Right now it’s awkward, but I agree that in time you could be friends again.

    My best friend in the world is my ex. For years, he was a sort of “go to” guy, any time I had been dumped, we’d get back together. He was also the first man I fully gave my heart to, which made things difficult. That ended when I met my husband, and for years we weren’t able to be friends because of unresolved issues. Six years after I had last talked to him, I saw him, then called him at work. The friendship we have has lasted much longer than any fire that was burning.

  3. Kathleen said,

    Thank you both. I feel much better having read what you’ve said, and I made an effort to chat with him today. It started to feel a little more natural, and I’m sure that it will continue to do so. I’m glad that you helped me to not write him off.

  4. rosemerry said,

    I’ve read your blog a couple of times and I find it really interesting. I’m friends with one of my exes as well. Although I think it was a little easier for since we agreed that it was not working and mutually left each other. We also have the same network of friends that we hung out together with so in order for them to not feel that they had to choose sides we got along.

    Just keep talking with him like a friend. I’m sure it will work out.

  5. joop schuyff said,

    Interesting to find your site.For quite a while I’ve been interested in poly andhave still a some good friends and former lovers in this circle. My last relationship was disappointing and made my former contacts somewhat distant, with regrets…. When I heard about snuggle parties it quickly warmed my interest but found some of the comments online discriminating with respect to age.Are we supposed to be turned off at 65…. even if our hearts and our bodies are still feeling and longin for human warmth and intimate contact.Are there others like me who’d love to pick up the thread of earlier experiences but find it hard to make “first contact”…again????
    Any comments
    Related to ,my space??


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