April 8, 2008

The Neighbor

Posted in Uncategorized tagged , , , at 6:37 am by Kathleen

I used to get really, really annoyed when guys would make eyes at me or flirt when I was clearly wearing a wedding ring. I was (and still am) so proud to be married to my amazing husband that I snorted (mentally) at the attentions of these other guys.

I think I may be over that. Today I was taking some trash out, and the neighbor was in the driveway playing with his kid. He stared at me on my way past him, and when I turned around he gave me this huge grin and was obviously checking me out. I smiled back, and walked back inside. I’m not dumb enough to sleep with the neighbor, and I am not interested in this guy anyway, but suddenly it is more nice than not to realize that guys still find me worth a look or two.

I guess that being poly sort of gives me permission in my own head to enjoy the attention, even if I am not going to act on it. That’s not to say that I never flirted or anything pre-poly – I told my husband when we started dating that I am a huge flirt and not likely to change – but I feel more comfortable and more free about it now. No worries, no hurt feelings, just me. Happy, safe, and smiling at strange men.



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