April 13, 2008

Is a “soft swap” ok?

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This was a search term that was used to find my blog last week, and it got me thinking.  Why would anyone feel the need to type something like that into a search engine?  I mean, shouldn’t the only person you have to ask be yourself and your SO (and, of course, the people you plan to soft swap with)?  Is it ok?  Sure, just like having sex with random strangers in a bar is ok and being monogamous is ok.  It’s just another choice that some people make, and some people do not.
What choices do you make that others might not agree with?



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  1. Soft Swap said,

    Let’s face it many people are very timid and won’t venture forth without the approval of others. And I guess it’s not exactly the kind of question you could ask your friends 🙂

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