April 14, 2008

Kathleen’s Day on the Town

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Today was so awesome. Not only did I do a ton of great research and even get some work done, I also chatted up two cute guys. One was a total babe, but seemed very wholesome. He loves and wants kids, feels that people should be responsible and dedicate themselves to childrearing if they plan to be parents, etc. He’s only a year older than me, sexy as all hell, and although I mentioned that I have a son, I have not YET mentioned the husband. He had to go, but asked if he could give me his number. I gave him my card instead, so maybe I will get a call or something from him. I really liked that one, but I fear that the word husband will spook him, so we’ll see. I’m not going to lie to him or hide anything.

The other one was not at the top of my hotness range, but not bad looking. I commented on his tattoos, and after he got his drink (we were in a cafe) he sat down next to me and just started talking. I was more than happy to chat (I had JUST arrived after chatting with guy #1), and we clicked pretty well. I decided to be bold early since he was talking about a tranny friend, so I mentioned the kink group that I belong to and also my open relationship. He was really interested, and has actually just entered into a poly type relationship (his first) with a girl.

Both guys live about an hour away from me, which can be both good and bad. I don’t have to worry about either of them demanding a ton of time and attention, since they can’t just drop by any time due to distance, but we should be close enough to meet in the middle and have some fun. One lives north, and one south. And they both seem like fun guys to get to know. Both have my card, so I expect an email or two in the next few days. Whee!

I did spend a little time today missing my boys, so I took a moment to really experience that feeling, wrote it down (“I miss Baby and Michael!”), then let it go and enjoyed my morning and my afternoon. I can’t believe, now that I am home after my fantastic day, that I really did have to push myself to get out of the house this morning! Being alone once in a while is nice, and it really gave me a chance to enjoy going out without the pressure of taking care of the baby’s every whim. I think that I really might start dropping him off early at my mom’s on Mondays so that I can go sit in a nice spot and relax with a magazine or something before my weekly yoga class.

Life is good, and I am happy. I guess I will be getting some work done tonight, but I feel much happier and more relaxed about it. And I am really looking forward to a pair of emails, soon.




  1. Auria Cortes said,

    Kathleen, just so that I understand correctly, you are in an open marriage?

  2. Kathleen said,

    LOL, yes, this site is actually ABOUT polyamory and our adventures therein. My husband not only knows, but approves, and got a full report when he got home because I was still pretty excited about my day.


  3. Auria Cortes said,

    I continued reading other posts on the blog and quickly find out the answer to my question. 🙂

  4. Steve Davis said,

    Kathleen it is always nice to have a day to yourself. As much as I love my family, it is still important to get some time for you and only you. It brings you back to them refreshed and contributes to your happiness and the family’s. Nice post.


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