April 15, 2008

Still Waiting…

Posted in Uncategorized tagged , , at 9:48 am by Kathleen

Still waiting for either of the cute boys to email me or call. I don’t really mind, though. Guys in their twenties are so focused on the “cool” thing, that they might feel like they have to wait a few days. I do hope they eventually get around to it, but I won’t cry if they don’t. Such is life.

In the mean time, I am more than happy to enjoy my husband. I plan to drop by work and eat lunch with him today. The biq question is, do I want to buy lunch (on credit, since I am broke this week) or should I do the responsible thing and bring him food from home, since I didn’t make his lunch yesterday… Decisions, decisions.

See? I can love my husband and still be poly 😉 In fact, I am really looking forward to going to see him. He’s an amazing man, and he take good, good care of me.

Blessings on tax day,




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