April 16, 2008

More Chat with Becky

Posted in Becky tagged , , , at 2:54 pm by Kathleen

I know, I keep talking about her, right?  Today I was annoyed with her for no good reason.  She sent out a mass email about using the coming economic stimulus rebates to buy local stuff.  Now, I am all for this.  In fact, I buy local stuff when I can, and support local farms.  But for some reason her email rubbed me the wrong way… maybe because she was advocating buying local rather than paying down debt, or because she was talking about pissing the money away locally to boost the local economy rather than making a plainly stated argument for buying local all by itself.  For whatever reason, we had a brief disagreement this morning, though I wouldn’t quite call it an argument.

The fact that I was already in a bad mood and had just undergone the week from hell didn’t help AT ALL, though.  I apologized for being bitchy, and she let me know that she was just enjoying my usual bluntness.  She also asked about my career, which is kind of specialized and hard to break into.  Apparently her girlfriend is still jobless and Becky thought that my job was the right direction for her to take.  I gave her my usual response for people who ask me about that, but it seemed harsher than usual.  I guess I am still trying to figure out where Becky fits for me.  I wouldn’t call her a friend, exactly, but I don’t hate her or anything, and Michael wants her to remain in his life in some small way…  Anyway, it was a decent talk.



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