April 28, 2008

Opening my Mind

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I am having trouble finding a decent batter online, so why not try a catcher for a while?  Thank you, T, for allowing me to really be able to consider playing for the other team.  Joking and puns aside, I have started to really consider a female relationship.  I’ve become active (and changed my profile) on a poly dating site to reflect that, and I am making friends and going through the noob hazing on the forums.  Why do all forums have a noob hazing period, anyway?

There are actually quite a few very pretty girls within driving distance of here, several of which I am really attracted to, and several of which are looking for girls.  Yay!  I also found a drool worthy poly woman on a vanilla dating site, but she is very short, and for some reason I hate that.  We’ll see what happens, anyway…

I am glad, at the very least, that my mind has opened up another crack to let me think about dating a nice lady.





  1. T said,

    Now if CA was just closer to Ohio…..


  2. Auria Cortes said,

    “noob hazing”

    What’s that?

  3. LOL- how short is “very short”…haha 🙂

  4. LIVIN said,

    Speaking of open minds… did you know May is Mind-reader Awareness Month?

  5. Kathleen said,

    Auria, it means they treat you like an idiot who will probably vanish within a few days. Most new people to forums take some time to get the style of conversation and the etiquette of a forum down, and in the mean time they get treated like kids. It was just a joke.

    Colby, She was actually 5’3″, but anyone shorter than me feels strange to kiss… I’m not used to having to go DOWN. 😉

    Livin’, I did not know, but thanks for enlightening me!

  6. Actually, you should thank Colby for the enlightenment… I interviewed her for an article on the topic… See my blog for details…
    “I’m not used to having to go DOWN.” < HAHA

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