May 1, 2008

The Poly Couple in the Huffington Post

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I was shown a really interesting video the other day.  It shows a pretty random interview with a poly couple (at least I don’t think it was a setup, but who know, could have been).  There were some really horrible and really rude comments about them on the web site that hosts the video, but also some really good ones.

My interest being what it is, I was actually way more interested in how the couple responded than in how the people responded to them.  The guy started out really defensive, like he was waiting for her to hit him with the microphone or run away.  “I’m pretty sure I believe in polyamory.”  Like, ‘go ahead, tell me I’m fucked up, I dare you’!  He launched into an explanation, which was mostly accurate, but sounded odd, maybe even preachy, and then they got down to the real talking.

I feel bad for them  having been cornered that way.  They both looked like they felt they had to prove something, with the guy showing off his phone numbers and the girl going off on how she has a life.  All in all, it did about what any interview of the sort might do, which is to put people in an awkward position.  I do think that for the circumstances they did a good job discussing it without sounding loony, and I am not sure that I could have done so well myself.


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  1. Jerry said,

    Any time that you live a life contradictory to societal norms, it’s only natural for the masses to force you defend it. It’s a sickening display, but necessary for civilized cultures to maintain their required level of stability. If polyamory were the norm, then couples who prefer to remain monogamous and *gasp* refuse to enter into congress with others would be the ones in the spotlight like freakshows.

    I’m primarily in the closet about it not because I’m ashamed, but because it’s simply impossible to “convince” anyone who doesn’t feel the way you do that it’s alright. It’s not necessarily fair either.

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