May 6, 2008

Poly Parenting

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Questions are wonderful Colby, fire away!

Unless someone is serious enough with us to be allowed to move in, and that is a gargantuan if right there because we have never really envisioned doing that, they will NOT be considered parental figures to our kids.

I don’t think hiding poly or lying about it is the good way to go.  Kids pick up more than you think, and they hate being lied to.  Instead, I think it would be wise to keep things mild when there are little eyes and ears around.  They will hopefully know our partners as mommy and daddy’s friends, and that will be that.  I also intend to teach my children to respect adults, so while they won’t be co-parents, they will be able to babysit or correct if for some reason they see the need.

Honestly, I’m pretty much making this up as I go along and hoping for the best.  Luckily we were poly when the baby was born, so he doesn’t have an ‘other’ way of living to compare this to and ask scary questions about.  😉




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