May 12, 2008

Having some Issues

Posted in Uncategorized tagged , , , , at 7:17 pm by Kathleen

I’ve had some issues over the weekend that I think were mostly resolved, but that, coupled with my extreme business this weekend (as well as my first “official” mother’s day!) made it almost impossible to post.  It was a good weekend, and very sexy/kinky, and was interrupted briefly for some problems before it got back on track.  That’s life.

Thanks to everyone who has been sticking with me through all of my writing and my ups and downs.  I promise a nice, meaty post tomorrow with all the details of the issues that I have been having.

In the mean time, I am dealing with issues of worth.  I feel very undervalued at times, not by my husband but by the rest of the world as I try to find a date and deal with feeling left out and left behind in the poly arena (as I still have not actually dated anyone).  Again, thank you all for sharing the love with me.  I’ll be back tomorrow with a good one, I promise.




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