May 16, 2008

Being Social in Poly

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By nature, it seems that people who would seek out and even in some cases feel that they  need multiple parters are also going to be some very social beings.  I guess I fit that in some ways, although I don’t feel a need for poly in the way that some of my peers have expressed.

Friendship and companionship with people who also walk this path has become something that I crave.  It is why I am going to that poly retreat in July, and it is why I am planning to start going to some of the local meet-ups to meet other poly people.  I had a migraine on the date of the last one, and the next one falls on my mother’s birthday.  Another, a pool party, fell on the same date and time as the dungeon party, for which I already had tickets and a commitment.

Some day I will go!

What about you?  Do you feel the need to meet other people who do what you do or love what you love?  Fishing, knitting, writing?  Drop me a line and let me know!




  1. stamperdad said,

    Of course, any hobby or pursuit you are into is better if it is shared.


  2. rosemerry said,

    I recently joined an aquarium forum for people who fish as pets. All of my hobby stuff is still limited to online but I’m hoping that will change in a year or so. I’ll be getting married and moving closer to a larger city, Miami, and I’m hoping there will be some happenings there. Aquariums, Quilting, Writing, Stamps & Postcards.

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