May 18, 2008

Meeting New People

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I sometimes attend a D/s (that’s dominance and submission) discussion group.  It’s interesting and fun, and a good way to kill a couple of hours and chat with people.  This time was just a little different… the person who usually runs the group got too busy this weekend, and for some reason decided that I would be the perfect person to facilitate.  So, for some reason, I did.

Actually, it was quite fun, although it was more work than I anticipated to keep people talking.  I was really tired by the end of it, but that may have had more to do with the 2.5 hours that I spent cleaning the dungeon beforehand than the actual discussion.

By the end of it I could tell that all three of the people who came were interested in me to some extent, and I could also tell that the only one likely to act on it was the one person that I was not interested in back.  It was kind of funny to me, but good.  We all talked outside as well, and then finally, half an hour after the group ended, we went home.  I almost asked one of them out, but there were two people who I was equally interested in for different reasons, and I didn’t want to single anyone out like that.  They’ll be around, I’m sure.  🙂



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