May 20, 2008

Back to the Drawing Board

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It took me some heavy thinking over the past few days, but as much as I like the man that took me out to dinner a little while ago, it is a friendly kind of like.  I think that I have been trying very hard to convince myself that I was ready for more with him, while at the same time feeling differently.

He truly is a terrific guy, though, and took it in stride when I told him that I think I would prefer to remain friends.  A large part of my decision is also that I remain confused.  I know how easy it is for like to translate into love over time, but right now, as unsure as I am about where I am now and where I am going, it was too much for me. I’d rather keep this friendship as I explore other avenues than force something on myself too early.

In the mean time, I do feel better, having had the experience of surviving a first date.  It went well, even if things ended there, and I am happy that I have at least (at last!) had that kind of experience.  Michael was flirting with a woman in a class that he takes last night, for which I had come along for the ride.  It wouldn’t have gone anywhere, since his team mates are off limits by his own rule, but I still smiled to see him coming out of his shell.  Besides, she was cute.




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