May 24, 2008

Safer Sex

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People talk about safe sex all the time, but most poly people know that “safe sex” is a wonderful myth.  The only truly safe sex is between you and your hand.  ANY other kind has the potential for disease, pregnancy, etc.

The poly community (and possibly other communities as well, I know the BDSM community) has adopted the term “safer sex” as well.  Safer sex is the use of barriers.  You want to have sex, use a condom.  You want to put fingers in… places, use a glove.  You want oral, use a dental dam.  Not everyone follows these rules, of course, but they are good ones, and probably help prevent problems.

An important part of safer sex in my family is a regular STD check.  Every six months while either of us is sexually active outside the marriage, and once 6 months after the last activity.  Michael’s check is coming up in June, and then we’ll both be done with needle pricks until one of us starts dating someone seriously.

Another form of safer sex, according to some people, is the fluid bond.  You may already know what this is, but for those who don’t, a fluid bond is one in which the “bonded” people have unprotected sex with each other, but not with anyone outside the bond.

I’ve been getting a lot fewer comments lately, so I wonder what YOU all want to hear about?  Let me know, and I may blog your idea.





  1. Auria Cortes said,

    “I’ve been getting a lot fewer comments lately, so I wonder what YOU all want to hear about?”

    I for one like the topics you choose. It’s interesting stuff.

  2. livininsanity said,

    No polyamorousness of late?

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