June 2, 2008

Sexy Dreams

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I had a fun dream last night.  This morning actually, since it was in between my husband’s alarm and an hour later when he actually woke up and freaked out about being late.

My dream took place in a room that I didn’t recognize, and the part that I remember starts with a family friend, we’ll call him Joe, talking to my husband out of my earshot.  I am about to be alone with him for some reason, and Joe promises Michael that he will behave.  Michael tells him that he can behave if he wants to, and explains about poly.

Apparently in dream world I have been flirting with Joe an awful lot over the last few months, because he confesses that over the last few months he has been struggling not to try to seduce me or something like that.  We started kissing and ended up on the bed (I think in the dream it was supposed to be my room or something).  The dream was a long series of kissing, petting, and even sex, although I think that it was more like penetration and then going back to exploring each other.

I woke up feeling really relaxed despite Michael freaking out and jumping into his pants right next to me.  Joe is totally off limits; he’s practically family and he is very close to several members of my husband’s family, who do not know about our “secret life”, but it was still a good dream.  I remember asking him what happens to us when he gets a girlfriend who is serious, and he said something about poly being a new requirement of his.




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  1. stamperdad said,

    There is nothing like a sexy dream. Always a good thing.


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