June 4, 2008

A Concern…

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First off, for Rosemerry: A BDSM Quiz

There are other ones there as well.  Try searching the Quiz site for “BDSM personality”.

Now for the concern: I have huge bruises on my legs and cuts on my back from the party last Saturday.  Don’t get me wrong, I love that!  My problem is: will another guy like seeing his girlfriend bruised up by her husband?

I’m very picky in a partner, in part because I feel like I really have to be.  I mean, I could just go downtown and date the first guy I see, but that would probably not work out so well.  In addition to my preferences, I have to find a guy who is willing to play second fiddle, who is willing to accept that if there is EVER sex, it won’t be anytime soon, that I have a family that comes first, AND that my husband beats me.

See, there’s no such thing as consensual violence in California.  If I meet a guy who falls head over heels for me and sees the marks as abuse, then all he has to do is blow the whistle and my husband could be facing prosecution from the state, even if I refuse to testify.  Mr. X may see himself as protecting me, but his “protection” could serious screw up my life.

Layers within layers… dating gets exponentially more difficult when you add things like babies, poly, and BDSM.  🙂





  1. T said,

    Hi Kathleen,

    Regarding how would a boyfriend feel seeinf marks on you.

    i go thru something similar anytime i play with anyone other than Master or hubby. i simply explain that i have a M/s relationship with someone and i commonly have marks and to rest assured i am not being mistreated, i quite enjoy it. i also go a step farther and explain that my hubby is fine with it. Then i tell the person, to not get any ideas, because i will not tolerate pain from anyone else and i will call the whole playtime off should they even smack my butt or anything so simple.

    i know its not near the same situation, but was hoping my insight might offer you some suggestions on how to deal with it.

    love ya,

  2. T said,

    also, i love taking those quizzes, and yep, you guessed it… i’m a slave….


  3. rosemerry said,

    That’s the second quiz I took today on the subject and they both came out that I was a sub. This doesn’t really surprise me I figured I was this way. It’s not a bad thing.

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