June 6, 2008

Why I might Date a Dom after All

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When I was thinking of dating doms, I was thinking of every male dom that I have ever met (my husband aside).  I hadn’t really thought about female doms at all.  There happens to be one that engages in most of the kinds of play that I have wanted to try but haven’t been able to, including flogging and the violet wand.

She has mostly seemed ambivalent to me, but the last time I saw her we had a good chat, and when I ran across her dating site profile, she noticed and sent me an email.  Apparently she was backing way off because her sub showed an interest in me, but since the sub, who switches, is not my type, it looks like this lady dom and I will be playing together at least.  Whee!





  1. Auria Cortes said,

    Was I the only one who googled “violet wand?” 🙂

    “who switches”

    What does that mean? Bi?

  2. T said,

    Violet Wand, heres a link…


    “who switches” is someone who can be both a Dom and a submissive, and switches back and forth depending upon the situation and the agreement they have with whoever they are with. for example , gail might always be submissive to Mark but Dom/Domme to chad, or sarah might switch with eric who is also a switch, meaning they take turns being in charge.

    “bi” bisexual, bisexuality… someone who enjoys members of the same sex as well as members of the opposite sex.

    hope these helped.

    and keep writing Kathleen, i’ve just been away and hadnt been able to read your blogs lately.


  3. Jodi said,

    I just found your blog today and I really enjoyed reading through the archives and catching up. I enjoyed learning about some of the similarities that we have.

    My husband and I are a D/s couple. We were married for seven years and had been through some sticky points in our marriage before I acknowledged parts of myself that were always there but though were “wrong”. Now we are learning and growing more with each other. He has shared his desires and leanings toward a poly relationship, and I am searching and growing and finding that I am very intrigued by the idea as well.

    Neither of us have had a relationship outside of our marriage since that time. We have a few things holding us back in that area. We live in a very small town in which my parents live and where I graduated from high school. People here love to spread other people’s business and I do not feel comfortable with my family finding out about either the BDSM or the other leanings.

    I have really loved reading your posts and learning from the journey that you have experience so far. I know that I will continue to enjoy reading from your experiences, and I hope that sometime in the near future I will have some experiences to share.

    Thanks for putting yourself out there in the blog world so that others can learn and grow from your experiences.

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