June 26, 2008

A Good Date

Posted in Uncategorized tagged , , , , at 1:23 pm by Kathleen

I had (have?) pretty much given up on men, but last night I was proven that they are at least not ALL bad (slash annoying slash horny).  Right about the time I started giving up on hunting guys I also happened to have sent an email to a random guy on OKC who had been viewing my profile asking if he wanted to meet for coffee.

The coffee shop was closed at 7 when we got there last night so we walked down the street to find a cafe for a light supper and laughed and talked.  Somewhere around 11:30 I was shivering pretty bad sitting in the wrought iron chair in front of a long-closed Starbucks, so we finally parted ways with a sweet peck on the lips.  He came unsure about the whole idea of poly and left looking forward to seeing me again… I guess that’s officially a convert?  Anyway, it was fun and it was a wonderful talk.  I came home and told Michael that I would certainly be seeing him again.

No nickname yet… perhaps I’ll ask him what I should call him when we see one another again 😉




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