June 30, 2008

Giving Up and being Rewarded

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I am pretty taken care of by the universe in general.  If I ever REALLY NEED something, it tends to appear for me in some form or another, even if just a kick in the butt to do the work myself.  I also have an interesting habit of getting what I need when I stop looking for it.

Take driving.  I never talked to my parents about getting a license… for a while I thought it would be awesome, and then I decided that driving was boring and being driven around at least gave me a chance to read.  (No getting carsick in my blog.  If talking about reading in the car makes you hurl, please roll down a window.  Thank you.  🙂 )  That was when my dad told me that he was taking me to get my permit.  I’ve been asked out multiple times, usually  when I was not really looking for anything.  In fact, I met my husband after ending an abusive relationship.  I was asked out by two guys that summer and declined.  I needed some alone time!  And then I met Michael…

And then there’s the latest… just when I decide that I am absolutely done with men for a little while… I happen to have just sent an invitation to a man who I have only spoken to online once… and we hit it off.  The universe is funny that way.




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