July 17, 2008

Kind of a Waste

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A few months back, I decided to forgo a trip to the east coast with some friends in favor of a polyamory conference.  As the date draws nigh, though (read, after the cancellation date is past) I have become really reluctant to go.  In fact, I am beginning to actively want NOT to go.

My husband says that staying home and enjoying ourselves will at least save us the cost of gas, and that the conference is paid for already whether we go or not.  I hate waste, though, and it feels really wasteful to just pay for something that expensive and not attend.  I mean, might as well take almost a grand and burn it, right?

It’s not that I’m against poly, because that is far from the truth.  Honestly, I am really happy right now with my loving husband and a potential something-more, and I just don’t feel like attending snuggle parties, nor am I interested in lectures on dealing with jealousy or maintaining open communication… these are things that I pretty much have figured out.  On the up side, we’re dropping the baby off with the MIL regardless… maybe we can find some time with my brother-in-law to play some games, or our friend Toby, who also lives in that area… or maybe we can just go home and RELAX, baby free for 3 days.  I like the sound of that.




  1. Anita Wagner said,

    Kathleen – I enjoy reading your blog and reading about your poly life. If the conference you are talking about is the one I’m thinking of, I’m really hoping you’ll be there. (Northern CA?) I’d love to meet you and yours.

    The nice thing about these conferences is that you can do as much or as little as you like. I’m not a big one for some of the woo-woo eye-gazing activities and tend to opt out of that – I’m sensitive to other people’s emotions, too, so that sort of thing and cuddling, physical touch beyond a hug – and sometimes not even that much – is something I’m not comfortable with until I’ve had a chance to know people. I’m not standoffish, but I AM careful.

    As it happens, I will be doing a presentation on making peace with jealousy – you don’t have to attend, though, promise! And there are some fun activities being planned for Saturday night, a kind of festival of polyamory. There will also be movies to watch and soforth. Anyway, hope to see you there.

  2. livininsanity said,

    I’d say GO. Beyond already paying a large chunk of change… you’ll undoubtedly enjoy yourself once you get there.

  3. livininsanity said,

    (Looks around… sees no one.)
    I guess she went.

  4. T said,

    hoping she went….

  5. jvol said,

    Well? Did you go?

  6. anna said,

    i want to know to. did you go?

    so, i’ve been tackling a new perception about open relationships. when i began this trajectory, i was mostly concerned that people would think that my beau and i were breaking up. i’ve been learning what to do with that assumption when it surfaces. but the new attitude that i find myself running into is one that suggests that being open means being a nympho. what to do with that?

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