April 5, 2009

My Glorious Return

Posted in Uncategorized at 2:56 pm by Kathleen

My life has been total and complete chaos for the last few months, but things are slowing down and hopefully getting better, and I have decided at long last to return to my blog and to all of you.

My romantic life is still rather subdued. I recently asked a beautiful young woman out, and she accepted. Apparently, though, she did not understand that I was asking her out as more than a new friend. She has a boyfriend, which I did not know, and they seem to be monogamous, so I kept my mouth shut on the subject of poly and simply enjoyed being her friend. It was a good meal, but it didn’t exactly go where I had hoped. I also had my hopes dashed with a man who is already a good friend of mine. He recently became single, and we started to talk about spending time alone together. I was just getting excited when a lot of bad things started happening all at once in his life. The familiar is comforting in these kinds of times, and it led to him and his ex reconciling. I’m happy for his happiness, but also sad at the missed potential. Oh, well.

Dating, for me, doesn’t seem to be very important. My husband fulfills me in so many ways that I don’t feel as if I need anyone else. Guess what: that is a perfectly acceptable form of poly, too.




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