April 10, 2009


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I just found out that I made the list for the Top 100 Sexiest Bloggers of 2008 according to the readers of the Between My Sheets blog. That’s really cool! Thanks to my readers and to Rori’s for putting me up there, I really appreciate it.

Still, sexy can have its drawbacks. 😉 I am on several dating sites, but on each of them, I have made it a big point to note that I am not currently looking for a new partner. I am incredibly busy, I’m happy the way things are, and I really hate dating. I would much rather see what happens with a friend than meet someone who wants to get into my pants ASAP (and the guys who message you on dating sites to “just be friends”… well, I give them the benefit of the doubt whenever possible, but each one has hit on me almost immediately).

What is it about dating sites that brings out the crazies? Yesterday I was emailed by a man twice my age who wanted me to know that he thinks I am a “dynamic jewel” and he wanted to thank me for allowing him to bask in my eloquence and loveliness. What do you SAY to that? Go bask somewhere else, please? I thanked him politely, but I will be ignoring his further emails (he’s already responded to my curt “thank you” with more glowing praise, which is kind but disturbing me).

Please note: I have a new email and Twitter account!

Follow me on Twitter: PolyKathleen

Or email me: PolyKathleen@gmail.com

Blessings and Love!



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