May 17, 2009

Getting Excited

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I’m not sure if this might be considered more swinging, or poly, or even just a play date, but I am heading up to visit with Rae and her boyfriend, and a week from today, the beatings will commence. I think that I mentioned that Rae is a submissive. I am a switch, and her boyfriend is dominant, so the three of us plan on having a play  day/night to help her get used to the idea of poly, and to have a lot of fun at the same time. Robert, her boyfriend, is going to teach me to throw a flogger (no, not pitch it at her, throwing is the term for hitting a person with the tails), among other things.

We’ve spent the last week talking about limits, rules, and comfort zones, and I am very happy to say that Rae’s hard limits are dropping like flies. *grin* I would not push a person to do something that they didn’t really want to or couldn’t handle, but I have already started experimenting with topping her over the computer chats, and she responds really well. I felt chemistry with her when we spent time together, and I think the three of us will have a good time.

I also may be getting closer to Robert than I had expected. I’m not exactly attracted to him physically, but he is a great guy, and a really interesting one, so I can see him growing on me. I may be making out with him over the course of the weekend, too, as a sort of experiment so that Rae can see how she feels about him interacting with another woman like that. All in all it should prove to be a pretty exciting and action-packed weekend.




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