May 31, 2009

Rough Weekend

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My husband and I spent the weekend on Rae and Rob’s couches. We didn’t actually get to spend a lot of time with both of them, but we were up in that area and they have told us that their house is always open to guests, so we gratefully accepted.

Friday afternoon was spent, in large part, dealing with some problems that Rae was having. It left me feeling really drained, but I think I helped her out a lot, and it also made me feel good. I was a little concerned that my interference had annoyed or upset her, but it was worth being there for her even if she didn’t want to accept it, if that makes sense.

I packed up and left as soon as we signed off so that I could pick Michael up and head out of town for dinner with my family, then off to the couches! Rae had a friend over, and she was using her to hide behind, so we didn’t really speak at all. I spent some time talking to Rob, who was very encouraging, but I felt kind of emotionally drained and I felt like I needed some aftercare of some kind or at least some attention from Rae, who was trying to pretend that I wasn’t there. I respected her need to be away from me for a while, but it made me sad. We had breakfast as a group the next morning (well, sort of), and Michael and I had fun with other friends all day and well, well into the night (not THAT kind of fun, you dirty monkeys!)

We crashed at about 1 am on Rae and Rob’s couches again (thanks guys), and the next morning was like a total reversal. Rae and Rob had processed a lot together, and she had written me a sweet apology email the night before, which she encouraged me to read in the morning. We hugged and sat together and had a really nice chat, and I felt so relieved and so much better. I am feeling really good today, and it is in part because this was resolved some before we came back home. It’s sad to leave people who you know are in some way not happy with you. We didn’t get pie or coffee together, but she has promised to make up for it later.

I’m thinking of inviting Rob to help me plan another ambush. I mean play date. 🙂



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