June 6, 2009

Not the Brightest Crayon

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The ad that I posted two days ago was written and posted by the male of the MF couple. I am honestly not sure if the woman is even aware of the account, because everything that I have seen has either been signed by him alone, or has posessed clues within the text that indicate it is by him, not her (for example, the use of “I”).

That said… I emailed him to let him know privately that his ad came across as a bit “job ad”-ish, and was actually extremely polite about it. He responded rudely, and since I have a bit of gremlin in me, I took the opportunity to have a fun battle of wits. Unfortunately, battling the unarmed is not too much fun, and I quickly grew bored of this third-grade-esque insults and gave up. Some of them were interesting… for example, calling me a “round eye bitch” beacause I am white and all white women are whiney and evil (apparently). I was also amused when he called me fat despite having seen a photo that shows otherwise (or else how would he know I was even white?)

I declined to respond to his last email, and thought this would be the end of it, at least in private (I will be happy to point out when he is being an ass on the forum, but so far he has just been stupid, not rude in public). Today I signed on and found that… he had redone the personals ad to make it sound less jobb ad esque. In fact, he even MENTIONED in the ad that he had redone it because he had gotten complaints that it sounded like a job ad. So… he calls me a stupid opinionated nosy white bitch. And then followed my advice.

I am ALMOST amused enough to email him again… but I shall not. Still, I got a big laugh. Hope you do too!





  1. Coles2549 said,


    My name is “Cole”. I am a female and am in a FMF relationship. I have basically spent the day looking at sites and questioning myself for this but I want to reach out and learn. So far, your blog has been the best and seems very close to some of what I am experiencing. I have my partners to talk to but no one else around who is actually in a poly. I don’t even know what I am actually seeking by looking on all of the sites that popped up on google. I guess others like us or me.

    I would really like to chat, if you have the time.



  2. wmcm said,

    Nicely done!
    I’m now wondering in my OKC page makes it sound like anyone I’m looking for would be second banana to my gf. (We’re still riding the NRE high!)

  3. Kathleen said,

    Perhaps I should offer profile reviews? I’d be happy to give you my thoughts if you want them.


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