June 29, 2009

Like Blogging In Person

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I went to a women’s retreat this weekend, and it was a wonderfully restorative time. One thing that I really enjoyed was being able to talk to other spiritual, intelligent women without worrying about judgements. For example, most people I meet in daily life would not appreciate hearing that I am poly. My new friends, on the other hand, were glad to hear it. Most of them acknowledged without judging, but a few of them wanted to know more about poly. As it turns out, two young women near my own age had been curious about open relationships, but had had  no idea where to turn for more information or advice. It was so nice to help them out with that.

Another woman got some help from me directly in the form of support. She has been in a monogamous relationship with a young man who has always been poly, and he finally told her that as much as he loves her, he can’t be monogamous anymore. She is trying, at the age of 50, to deal with the idea of being in an open relationship for the first time in her life. I think I offered her some much needed support, and we had a nice talk.

I know that my blog helps people, and sometimes I even get those rare, treasured messages that tell me how much I have touched someone’s life, but to be able to help someone in person was a very special thing to me. I enjoyed it immensely, and I find myself hoping that this center opens its doors for another retreat in the near future.




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