June 30, 2009

Feeling Good

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I chatted up a friend today because I was so excited about the wonderful day that I have been having. He is someone that I was semi interested in in the past, but his wife seems possessive despite calling herself newly poly, so I backed off quite a bit. He is currently going through a lot, so we were having a talk about that, and we ended up talking about things between us and my feelings on why things are where they are. He wants to remain friends, especially right now because of the new things he’s figuring out, but he’s interested in trying to see more of me and in trying to let our friendship develop.

I can’t say what I want from that right at this minute, but I would like to think that things could go well for us, and he claims that his wife has calmed down. I WAS the first girl of his that she met, after all. We’re sort of half planning an outing now, and I am really looking forward to it!




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  1. Inferno said,

    “his wife seems posessive despite calling herself newly poly”

    I am not poly. My wife and I are more of a swinger type, but of the sort that forms long term strong friendships with benifits. I guess we fall between the cracks of the 2 labels.

    We have run into this in our little world too. Both with males and females.
    The idea is great, but the soul hasn’t gotten all the way there. It makes things awkward.

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