March 30, 2010

When it Rains

Posted in Matt, Pet tagged , , , , , , , at 8:43 pm by Kathleen

It sure has been pouring in my life lately! After three years of being poly, I officially have my first boyfriend, Matt. We went on our first date, and although we are both super busy people, we’ve been tickling our schedules into submission. I get to see him again on Friday (we think). He’s going through the final negotiations with his lady wife tonight. I’m not sure what we’ll be doing, probably just hanging out again.

My romance with him is going nicely, so of course now is also the time when  I finally find a playmate worthy of enjoying in the BDSM club. My husband tops me, but I am a switch, and boy have I been in need of a chew toy. Or maybe a scratching post. Whatever it is I need, Michael is just very glad that I have found Pet and no longer feel the need to gnaw on him at every opportunity (yes, I’m odd, but you already knew that).

Pet was very nervous and almost didn’t show, but I think that we are both glad he did. The dungeon was hosting a sampler night so that people can see demos of various methods of play, and he showed a lot of interest in caning, which was neat. He also got a little doe eyed at the sight of my flogger, and asked me to play. Woohoo! He can take a good amount of pain, is willing to go for more, and is the perfect sub for taking out my sadistic tendencies. Plus he is totally new to kink, so I get to train him up from scratch.

I was also messaged out of the blue by a sub that I had talked to months ago. He was sort of a creep and he vanished, but now he’s back and ready for action. He has been blocked. Two good men are quite enough for now, especially since they are both new to me. Anyway, men who love drama are just… ugh.




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