April 12, 2010


Posted in Uncategorized at 12:20 pm by Kathleen

Formspring is a strange and interesting social networking format. Click on my page to ask me anything you want to, completely anonymously. I can sign on and respond to your questions. Check it out and ask me anything!





  1. Aniela said,

    I have gone back to the very beginning and read your ENTIRE blog. I found it to be an incredibly insightful look into the mind of someone going through the poly transition. Thanks for sharing, a few things you have said have really clicked with me (stuff like no one can be EVERYTHING to anybody, talking about NRE, and explaining that Poly can be more emotional than sexual…)

    Hope you keep it up, because I don’t have the courage to put my thoughts out there like this!!

    Thanks again from a fellow bi/poly happily married girl 🙂

  2. Joseph said,

    Is it possible to be a polygamist without being married (we’re only 17)? Because my gf claims she is and says its not cheating if she has sex with other ppl. She uses it as an excuse to cheat and tht offends me. Also she has sex before telling me but tells me after the affair so what does that make it?

    • Kathleen said,

      That makes her a cheater. A polygamist is a man with many wives. What your girlfriend is telling you she is is polyamorous, which means a person who loves multiple people. The thing about polyamory is, it must be consensual. You’re not consenting to her having sex with other people, so this isn’t a poly relationship, it is a case of her taking advantage of you. You two need to talk and set groundrules if you are willing to give poly a fair shot. Otherwise, say goodbye, she sounds like bad news.

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