September 22, 2010

Blog Chain

Posted in Uncategorized at 11:30 am by Kathleen

I’m participating in a blog chain with the theme of seasons.

I like the idea of relationships having seasons much like the weather does. There is the spring of first meeting, and those first blooms of passion. When two people first start to pursue a relationship, there is a spring-like sense that anything is possible, and it is terribly exciting. This, of course, blooms into a full blown summery passion in the best cases as two people (or more!) try to fulfill their possibilities and potentials. Eventually this NRE cools down, and you head into a sort of autumn as you gain comfort with one another and lose some of that initial fire. You might think the winter represents the eventual freeze and the ending of things, but in my mind, winter is something much nicer. I like to imagine cuddling in front of a fire or staying in bed on long weekends to keep each other warm. That silent, knowing comfort that doesn’t need summer’s fire and that is the fulfillment of spring’s promise.

Michael and I have only been together for about 8 years, but we’re in our winter, I think, and we both seem very happy here. It isn’t the comfort of familiarity and boredom, but one of true, deep understanding where both of us reach out to support the other before we even realize we need the support.

Still, a part of me longs for spring. I would love to find a lovely, interesting woman to take me through the changing of the seasons, even as I snuggle up in the eternal, cozy winter with Michael. No wonder it has long been my favorite season.


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  1. Nice analogy! Like you, I also enjoy the winter part of a relationship.

  2. I miss the winter. I’ve been divorced for over 5 years now and that really is something I miss about my marriage. We were only married 4 years but for many of those years we had a comfortable “knowing”. And the cozy warmth and contentment of the relationship was lovely. Of course, I’m glad to be free of the smothering summer in that specific relationship. The fire and passion of summer was never really there but it did become stifling and oppressive after a time. I enjoy the carefree spring I live in now in my independence. Partners are fleeting and I’ve found I tend to be happier, more personally content with my life, when I’m alone. It’s comfortable to be win this spring-like relationship with myself. πŸ™‚

    Great analogy!

  3. llalah said,

    Yes, I’m in the spring of a relationship and while it is indeed divine; I look forward to the winter. Great analogy.

  4. Claire Gillian said,

    Nice take on the prompt.

    I think my husband and I move through the different seasons with each other, but not necessarily in a set order. Sometimes we’ll be in a winter period then summer will return. I like the idea that the seasons of our relationship aren’t necessarily sequential and that I don’t necessarily know what to look forward to.

  5. Inferno said,

    I am in the fall of a relationship I think.
    It is pretty awesome.
    Winter will be a wonderland.

  6. freshhell said,

    I like this – a different perspective on things. As someone whose been married for 16 years and with the same guy for over 20, yeah, definitely winter. Some days are frostier than others. πŸ™‚

    • Kathleen said,

      I hope by frosty you mean days you snuggle closer. πŸ™‚ I’ve been with the same man for over 8 years, myself. πŸ™‚

  7. Mr ABC said,

    Loved the analogy, it was down right beautiful in fact. I think my wife and I were well into our winter when we were monogamous. We had a spring thaw and new summer recently as swingers, and again are entering the fall.

    I think you can repeat spring with an old love (or partner), it just takes a new perspective or way of being for it to happen.

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