January 5, 2011

Love in Abundance

Posted in Uncategorized at 3:52 pm by Kathleen

A few months ago, I was asked to review a new book called Love in Abundance by Kathy Labriola. It’s a counselor’s take on polyamory, and I was excited to read it. Unfortunately, life steamrolled right over me around the time I planned to read it, and it has been sitting on my kitchen counter glaring at me for way too long.

Since I have been sort of default in my duties, there, I decided that instead of one quick review, I’ll do a small series of reviews based on my thoughts AS I read the book. And the first one I have regarding this book is that Kathy has done her homework. I was both amazed and pleased to see that right there in the introduction she mentions an orientation of poly that does not get a lot of attention: that person or couple who identifies as polyamorous, but who is not currently dating more than one person. As she so appropriately mentions, the trust and freedom implicit in the poly status can be just as satisfying for that kind of person as another relationship. In other words, I may not have met the right person for a second relationship YET, but I’m perfectly happy because when I know I meet them, I can pursue them as I please.

A standing ovation, please, for what is starting out a super-promising book from the very, very beginning.

I also encourage anyone out there reading to buy their own copy and read along with me. Let’s have our very own little book club, and we can discuss as we read. If you’re interested, join in with a comment or two. Otherwise, stay tuned. I have officially moved this book to the TOP of my reading list starting today.


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