August 11, 2011

Haven’t stopped shaking yet…

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Whew! Just took a risk and even though it didn’t pay off, it wasn’t so bad. Yesterday I briefly met a young woman, around my age, gorgeous, friendly, and possibly flirting with me. And then I left. I was very tired and didn’t think until after that she might have been not-straight (I have a habit of presuming that every woman is straight until proven otherwise).

I happened, coincidentally, to have a way to probably reach her. So I tried it. I called today, and said “this may sound crazy, but were you maybe flirting with me?” She sounded shocked, a little pleased, and very amused, but the answer was no.

And guess what? I didn’t get stabbed through the heart. I didn’t lose any fingers or toes, and no matter how scary it was, it wasn’t painful at all, even when my gamble didn’t pay off.

So maybe next time you see that perfect guy or gal, and you’re too scared to take the risk… ask yourself what’s the worst that could happen, and then ask yourself what’s the best? Maybe going out on a limb could really be worth it.



  1. househo said,

    I like this posting! Shows your inscure side that you are overcoming. Bravo!

    • Kathleen said,

      Well thank you. I’m not sure it’s personal insecurity so much as it is being totally oblivious as to when women are flirting, for me, but I’m always up for some self improvement.

  2. Myrddwn said,

    I reconnected with a friend a year ago, one I’d had a crush on since high-school. We quickly settled into a ‘friends’ zone, even though we are both poly, and neither was willing to make any sort of move for fear of ruining the friendship.
    Then I took a risk.
    I kissed her, and she kissed me back.(there is more, but you’d have to read my blog to find out)
    Hooray for taking risks! The joys you receive will always outweigh the pain you risk.

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