April 18, 2015

Why Robin Rinaldi was NOT in an “Open Marriage”

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The headline makes me wince: “I Slept with 12 Strangers with my Husband’s Permission”, it screams, and I instantly feel that sick twinge in my gut because I just know that this is going to be another story of disastrous monogamy-gone-astray that gets touted as polyamory and, thus, depicts poly as dysfunctional and inherently ruinous to the inexperienced reader.

Sure enough, the article, promoting Rinaldi’s book The Wild Oats Project: One Woman’s Midlife Quest for Passion at Any Cost, goes on to describe a year in which she and her spouse lived separately (while spending weekends together) in order to explore other relationships and, at least in Rinaldi’s case, find her sexual awakening independent of her spouse.

That, my friends, is not poly (or an open marriage), that is an amicable trial separation.

Where they Went Astray
There are very few “thou shalt nots” when it comes to poly; every relationship is different, every couple (or group) handles relationships and rules differently, and every person can (or wants to) handle a different level of information about their partners’ partners.

But some rules, you just don’t break:


  • How to handle it: If you’re unsatisfied, talk to your partner about how the two of you can best meet your needs. Define clear boundaries and expectations, and keep the lines of communication open throughout the process to ensure that the existing relationship doesn’t grow apart.
  • How they handled it: Don’t ask, don’t tell. They established rules, but didn’t communicate when those rules were broken, experienced intimacy with other people without sharing any of that with their spouse, and based on how surprised they were to find themselves two very changed people at the end of the year, probably weren’t communicating/working on their own relationship during their weekends together, either.
  • Mind the Rules

  • How to handle it: Negotiate clear rules with your partner(s) and be mindful of those limitations at all times. Rules are how you protect yourself and your partner(s), and your established relationships. They’re a matter of respect and yes you are cheating if you break them, even if it’s a rule that seems silly to you or that no other poly people you know follow. If you and your partner(s) have agreed that you can only have sex with people in clown suits and that’s no longer working for you, go back to #1 and communicate your changed circumstances.
  • How they handled it: The article mentions two rules: no sex without protection and no emotional intimacy (God, I hate it when people think they can legislate their partner’s feelings!) Robin Rinaldi developed an emotional connection with the man she eventually left her husband for. Oops. Her husband, meanwhile, had a six month affair with a woman (emotional) and allegedly was not using condoms. So much for rules.
  • Respect your Partner(s)

  • How to handle it: Ask your partner what they need. Discuss what needs are not being met, and find respectful, mutually work toward solutions, and be willing to acknowledge when needs are simply un-meetable (for example, a person working full time and going to school full time and sleeping part-time only has so many hours, and “I need to see more of you” isn’t going to work short term; instead, these partners could discuss how things will change in the long term, and exactly when they expect to be able to re-negotiate their circumstances.)
  • How they handled it: Robin handed down an ultimatum (I am GOING to go have sex with people!). Her husband spent six months actively flouting the rules they’d laid down together, and the only one he willingly followed was “keep your mouth shut”. These are not respectful behaviors on either end.
  • I am not hating on Robin Rinaldi!
    Please don’t mistake me; Rinaldi is a grown woman who saw that her needs were not being met within her marriage and took steps to place herself in a situation that was right for her. She had lots of sex (awesome!) and opened up to new aspects of herself, and ultimately seems to have landed in a situation that is more comfortable for her.

    But the way she did it was NOT by having an open marriage. She and her husband physically and emotional separated themselves from their commitment to each other and dated other people while they tried to figure out if their marriage was fixable. It’s not an uncommon end to marriage, and it wasn’t, by outward appearances, a particularly devastating one, but to call it polyamory (or open marriage) is to portray consensual non-monogamy as ruinous and dangerous–a last-ditch, wild-oats patch on an already failing marriage, and one more likely to end that marriage than save it–and that’s not fair to those of us who, with the blessing (not just “permission”) of our partners explore intimacy, love, and yeah, plenty of hot sex with other people.


    March 9, 2015

    Is This a Date?

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    One of the fun things about poly is that it opens up the definition of the word relationship. Not that it isn’t broad already! I have a relationship with my mom, one with my brother, ones with colleagues and acquaintances, and they’re all very different beings and mean different things! But what about my… personal life? What about Relationships with a capital ‘R’? That’s pretty cut and dried, right? What about a one night stand? Is that a relationship? What if you’ve got a fuck buddy that you don’t interact with in any other way except when you’re horny? Does that qualify? What about a group of friends who all “mess around” with each other? Are those friendships or relationships? Are they both? Does it matter?

    A friend of mine, who is also poly, recently told me about a friend of hers. They’re dating, but my friend is the only one who knows that. Once a week they go out for dinner and a movie, great conversation, and joyful companionship. He’d tell you that they’re friends who just enjoy hanging out alone together. She enjoys what she considers dates, is perfectly happy with the relationship exactly how it is, and would cheerfully murder anyone who clued her (friend? boyfriend? date buddy?) in and maybe ruined it.

    Can you really be dating someone and only one person knows about it? It’s a question I’ve been pondering lately, along with questions of consent, ethics, and how relationships and attachments get defined, by whom, and whether they truly have to match. If I am getting what I want and need out of interactions with another person, does it matter if they define our relationship the same way that I do?

    The difference, for me, is in the effects it has. If I was in my friends position and that guy was single, then I’d date away without a worry in the world. But if he was in a relationship already, then my feelings about our dates might matter to his other partner, and聽that is a secret that I just wouldn’t feel right keeping, even if it cost me my relationship or forced me to redefine it. Which is why, when I recently found myself in a similar situation, I decided that I had to come clean. It remains to be seen whether things will have to change, but I’m glad I didn’t continue to behave in a way that feels sneaky to me.

    Life is complicated, but fortunately it’s beautiful, too. I hope your complications are glorious, and worth every twist and turn!


    June 3, 2012

    Defining Relationships

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    I love my husband. But we don’t have sex. And if I don’t have sex with him, and we sleep in different rooms, then how are we different from roommates? And if we’re “just” roommates, then what significance can our relationship really have for us?

    I know this is sort of non-sensical, but it’s some of the stuff that’s been knocking around in my skull lately, and it’s really throwing me off balance, so let’s get it all out, shall we?

    What I’m really questioning, deep in my psyche, is what our relationship is, and how sex or lack of sex may have redefined it. After all, normal married couples have sex, so if we don’t, does that make us less married? Less in love? Less able to care for each other. Of course not, but my fears are the ones in the driver’s seat right now emotionally, so I’m trying to squish them. And that’s where defining relationships comes in.

    For example, my聽 brother and I share an undeniable bond. We hated each other growing up, but once I moved out things changed radically. We’ve become allies, friends, and companions, and although we disagree sometimes, argue, and get frustrated with one another, I’m still driving something like 14 hours with him to help him move out of state. Because I love him and he loves me, and we are Sibling. So what is sibling? It isn’t just about growing up together, because I know plenty of siblings who don’t have a special bond or even much of a bond at all. It was a decision that we both reached pretty much simultaneously around the time we came of age. I’ve got your back.

    And maybe it really is that easy. Michael has my back, too. We don’t just live in the same house, we’re there for each other, and there’s an understanding, both stated and quietly understood, that we always will be. Like my brother and I, Michael and I have made a decision. I love you. You love me. I’ve got your back.



    May 28, 2012

    Finally Getting Out There

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    Saturday night was ladies night at a local gay club, and I am finally feeling so ready to meet people…

    My night started a little too early when only a few couples in their fifties were at the club, shortly after opening. I hung out downstairs and chatted with a man I met, instead. He was definitely gay, but I guess a little lonely and he kept buying me drinks. I spent more time than I meant to listening to him talk (even if I tried to talk, he wasn’t really listening back, so I let him chatter). Eventually, I managed to get away. Upstairs was wild by that time, with loud music and women’s bodies moving mostly to the beat on the dance floor. I was tipsy already, so I waded out into the dancers and started to move to the music on my own. It was exhilarating and fun, and soon a woman waved me over and we danced together.

    I’m completely new to clubbing, so there are still things to learn. Like how to gracefully switch partners if you spot someone more your type. I did manage to extract myself from the clutches of two different Very Drunk Older Women by claiming a need for water, but I’d float away if I did that every time I wanted to switch partners. 馃檪

    I danced until I was drenched in sweat, and then made my way outside onto the patio for some air. It felt great, and I soon found myself chatting with a trio of friends. The one I was most attracted to was straight (damn!) but soon the two straight women had drawn off into their own conversation to give me room with their friend. She wasn’t what I am normally attracted to, physically, but she was sweet and interesting and had a tattoo very similar to mine, which was intriguing. We chatted and flirted and I explained my home situation to her and she explained about her cheating ex. We ended up kissing, and it was not the best kiss of my life, but it turned me on in a pure, physical way that I have been missing with Michael for a while now. His kisses are affection and comfort and love, but they don’t stoke that fire in me. Hers were pure arousal and it was exciting to find that.

    In the end we exchanged phone numbers, but in the morning light I realized that I was much more interested in her as a friend than as a potential girlfriend, and her self-esteem issues were a HUGE red flag for me. I asked her out for coffee to be polite and to keep from damaging her fragile self further, and she politely shot me down because in the end, she wants monogamy. What a relief!

    Yes, I still have a lot to learn… but it seems like I’m going to have some serious fun learning it.



    May 24, 2012

    I’m Not Watching Her Kid!

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    Michael has been chatting with a nice young lady (she’s a year younger than me, so I think I can officially call her that) on a dating site, and the time has come… They’re going to meet! It has, you may have noticed, been a LONG time since either of us has dated any, so this was a sort of big deal and I am getting emotionally used to the idea, again, of sharing him. Their first meeting is to be a get-to-know you while our kid (4) and hers (5) play together, no hanky-panky.

    And suddenly it occurs to me what a convenient solution that might be for them – let Kathleen watch the kids, after all, they play great together! And we’ll go have a romantic dinner. My first, intense, knee-jerk, nut kicking reaction is “OMG NO!” And this before the idea has even been conceived of by anyone but me. Pretty intense, but upon further inspection, not unreasonable. (And before I get too much farther into this post I just want to say, I’m not saying I’d never watch her kid, but it would have to be after I had gotten to know and like HER, and after she and her child were an established and steady part of our lives.)

    The thing is, when Michael and Becky were dating, I was a facilitator. My needs became secondary as I smoothed the road and made sure that all obstacles to their togetherness were removed where possible, despite the fact that this was neither my responsibility nor my role (or should not have been). Becky, who claimed all the “poly experience” should have known better and asked me to back off, but that is neither here nor there. The fact is, babysitting a kid I barely know so that my husband can go have a romantic evening with a woman I barely know… It’s wonderfully convenient for them, but unless she’s paying me $10 an hour, it’s definitely putting my needs and wants below the establishment and growth of their relationship.

    Logically, we have kids the same age and if I’m watching one kid, why not two? But emotions are a very different matter, as are perceptions (I don’t exactly want my husband’s new girlfriend to see me as the nanny or the pushover or the person to use for her convenience!) And for that reason, unless she becomes a serious partner of Michael’s and unless she and I (and her KID and I! And her kid and MY kid!) get along, she’s just going to have to call a sitter.

    Heck, logically we should all just live with our parents for the rest of our lives and save the money on rent, but sometimes you just have to think of yourself. 馃檪



    March 21, 2012

    Don’t Tell Gay People They Aren’t Gay

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    Hi Leela,

    I was just going to ignore your comment, but upon careful reading it seems to me that you were trying to actually be helpful, not snide, so I decided to write back to you.

    So, to address your first pop-psychology diagnosis:

    hm to be honest it sounds more like you have a phobia to the penis rather then being a lesbian. and if you do have that phobea its called phallophobia.

    I don’t know where you got this idea, since I’ve never stated that I am afraid of penises. Far from it. I’ve watched and enjoyed m/m gay porn (I’d love to know what diagnosis that might net me in your book!), and I still sometimes touch or stroke my husband’s penis because I enjoy the feel. If he’s lucky he even gets a happy ending. 馃槈 However, I am almost instantly turned stone cold OFF by the idea of inserting said penis of the man I love into my body. Trust me, this has been frustrating for me, but it isn’t a matter of not loving or being intimate with my husband, it just does NOT appeal to fuck him. Or any man. In fact, penises attached to men who are NOT my beloved husband tend to seriously gross me out if I have to touch them. No scare, just icky.

    Here is a question for you. are you physically attracted to your husband as well as men? meaning do you find your husband attractive? do you find other men attractive?

    Yes. And NO! I think my husband is handsome. I think other men are nice to look at sometimes. If I try to imagine kissing them, it’s almost the same kind of grossout factor I get if I picture kissing my brother. (Note: I meant kissing strange men. I actually still enjoy kissing my husband because I love him, but it doesn’t turn me on at all.)

    I just wanted to take this moment, by the way, to say that I am super offended by someone else (who I have never met or even spoken to!!) trying to tell me whether I am gay or not. For future reference, that’s really, really bad manners.

    at one point you said you two were very sexually active? what happen? do you think you might be sick of the open relationship. because in all honesty, i think knowing that you man is fucking other women can take the intimacy out of your sex life. and while you say its ok, being woman, i think we are far more attracted and attached to the emotional aspect of sex then men are.

    I covered this in the post you are replying to, but since you didn’t get it, I will touch on it again, here. First of all, I’m 26 and only figuring out I’m gay. That indicates a certain level of repression, which is not surprising (entirely) considering the number of other things I’ve suppressed from my rocky childhood. Let’s say unintentional emotional abuse/damage and leave it there. Part of this damage involved some abandonment issues, and I used sex as a tool (subconsciously; this was not intentional manipulative behavior) to bind my husband to me. In a way, the inner logic was probably something like this: “The more we have sex the more he’ll want me and owe me, and then he won’t want to leave me!”

    We spent YEARS working on these mental/psychological traumas. Painful, hard, tearful work that resulted in my mental health and self-esteem improving steadily. And my sex drive declined in what we now see was almost PERFECT proportion. The less I needed sex as an offering, a tool, or a bargaining chip, the less I wanted it. At least with my (male) husband. And yet I kept having it because I felt like as his wife I owed it to him. I didn’t HATE it, exactly, it just did nothing for me, even when I came. (And don’t tell me I haven’t had a real orgasm.)

    Currently what is the status of your poly relationship? is he still seeing Becky? are you seeing a man or woman? To me, and I know I don鈥檛 know everything about you and your husband, but to me this doesn鈥檛 sound like that much of a intimate relationship. I mean how could it be, if there are other partners?

    Again, if you had continued reading you would have seen that his relationship with Becky ended when she went wacko about six months in. I have been on a handful of first dates with men, but couldn’t get really interested in any of them (for reasons that I hope are obvious by now.) I had one VERY fulfilling one-day fling with a female friend about two years ago. That is the last time either of us had sex outside of each other. Not because we can’t, but because we’re very happy together and it takes someone really special to make either of us want to go there with someone else.

    in路ti路mate [铆nt?m?t]
    1. close: having, involving, or resulting from a close personal relationship
    2. cozy: quiet and private or secluded, enabling people to feel relaxed with each other
    3. private and personal: so private and personal as to be kept secret or discussed only with a close friend or relative

    As you can see by definition intimate, means close and private. How private can it be with more then one lover? And I know that poly relationship can be intimate yet I don鈥檛 really get that feeling when I read your blogs. More then once you have stated that you feel like the odd man out. How can this be? If your relationship is intimate? Either way I don鈥檛 think you鈥檙e a lasbian because you used to enjoy sex with him before. Something happened. I think you both need to dig deep and figure out what it was.

    Intimate means close OR private. Not both at the same time. To drive this point home, I invite you to look up the word “stool”. One definition applies at a time. Sorry, you fail. Our relationship is and always has been close. Otherwise called “intimate”. It’s pretty obvious from your comment that you just skimmed my blog but did not read in depth, or you would have seen some of the reasons for my feeling like the “odd woman out” in Michael’s relationship with Becky (which was a combination of getting used to the idea of people poly, having to do a lot of processing, and Michael behaving a little irrationally, which he has since recognized and thinks he can correct). And for the record, what I enjoyed about sex with him in the beginning was likely the sense of security it gave me, like hugging a blankie.

    one last question, you say your Bi or at least you thought you were bi鈥et a Bisexual person once told me, 鈥業f you can not picture yourself falling in love with both sexes, and being able to be happy with just that one of them, just as much as you are with another sex. Meaning you can be fulfilled sexually, emotionally and everything by either sex. If you can not say you can, then you are not bisexual. Being Bisexual mean more then being sexually attracted to both sexes. It mean you can be in love with either one as well, and not yearn or want for anything outside of that relationship. Again being able to be intimate with that one person.

    Since you like official definitions, here’s the definition for bisexual:




    Biology .

    a.of both sexes.

    b.combining male and female organs in one individual; hermaphroditic.


    sexually responsive to both sexes; ambisexual.

    For the record, the definition we’re using here is #2 (because, as you now know, only one definition needs apply.) Amusingly, I do not fit the definition of bisexual not because of a lack of ability for romantic feelings (I am in love with my husband – he’s that awesome), but because I am not SEXUALLY attracted to him. Romantically AND sexually, I can only see myself falling for a woman.

    So to be honest I think you and your husband are just having the typical intimacy issues that most married couples go through, depending on how long they have been together. Well I hope this comment helps as I鈥檓 pretty such I know what I鈥檓 talking about. I鈥檝e been there, (meaning I鈥檝e been in a relationship, that I no longer want to have sex with鈥ot the bi thing or poly thing lol). Either way talk about it, and try to push through because its obvious that you love this man. You wouldn鈥檛 let him fuck other women if you didn鈥檛.

    I’m sorry, I know you mean well, but I am so truly offended. Do you want to know where I was before I wrote this blog post? I spent two hours in bed with my husband, snuggling, giggling, and holding each other while talking about our days. There may also have been a tickle or two. That’s pretty normal for us, and the fact that I am not sexually attracted to him hurts and bothers me way more than it does him. I know this because – since we are so intimate – we talk very regularly about how we are both feeling and handling things with regard to this revelation. Well, and with regard to pretty much everything else in our lives.

    Please, please don’t go around telling people they aren’t gay.


    February 16, 2012

    Hot Lesbian Sex for YOU!

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    I’ve got some great news, but I also need YOUR help! One of my short stories, Navigator, has been short-listed for a best-of collection by Circlet Press! I need your votes to make the cut! The voting is here, and the story is Navigator, by Kathleen Tudor.

    But of course, I wouldn’t ask for your help for free! Anyone who comments here or emails PolyKathleen at gmail.com to say you’ve voted for me will get a free PDF copy of the (very hot lesbian erotica) story to enjoy. Once voting closes on March 15th, I will also randomly select one winner to receive a free copy of the eBook in which Navigator appears, Like that Spark.

    Please help me out! Spread the word, cast your vote, and get on your Twitter feed!

    Click here to vote now!

    February 10, 2012

    Lesbian Married to a Straight Man

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    My husband and I have a great relationship. We’re best friends, we talk about everything and communicate freely, and over the past decade we’ve grown to be a part of one another as integral as an arm or a leg. I can’t imagine what life would be like without him.

    So it was uncomfortable and scary when we sat down and he told me that he didn’t think we should have sex anymore. Let me back up a little: we used to have sex a LOT. This was tied to my personal insecurities. On a subconscious level, the more we did it, the more he was tied to me. So I was always ready to go. But as I got past a lot of my issues and he helped me break through barriers in my heart and mind, beating back depression and self esteem issues and building me up as a whole person along the way… that drive for sex diminished until, over the last few years, it has vanished entirely. I am just not interested in sex, at all. I’ve tried “fake it until you make it”, but although I don’t find intercourse repulsive, I also don’t find it rewarding, even when I reach the, uh, pinnacle of the event. I keep a mental note of when we last did it so I know to give in to advances if it’s been more than a week or so, and, well, it was sort of getting transactional and icky for both of us.

    So Michael sat me down and told me that he was frustrated and hurt with feeling like he was obliged to make the moves on me, but getting turned away more often than not, and I really can’t fault him for that. He said that if he isn’t being rebuffed, that we just go on the assumption that there is no sex, that’s something he could live with. We talked it out, I cried and felt like a horrible wife, and we decided to give it a trial run for the month of February. And then he closed with something that shocked me: “I’m like 90% sure you’re a lesbian, anyway.”

    I don’t know why that should shock me. I know I like sex with women, I do NOT like sex with my amazing husband, even when it fulfills me physically, and the idea of other guys’ penises (peni?) just squicks me out something awful. I was once playing with a male sub and got precum on my hand, and had to do the “YUCKYYUCKYYUCKY” dance while his back was turned because I was so grossed out. Hell, I even SAY, on a regular basis, “I am a lesbian and Michael is an exception. ”

    So, yeah, the lesbian thing probably shouldn’t have shocked me. But it did… because even though I joke about it, I have never really accepted that I am anything but bi. After all, if I’m gay, then I’m the ultimate failure as a wife, right? And if there’s no sex, there’s no marriage, right? Michael is currently helping me to prove both of those things wrong this month. There has actually been MORE intimacy with us because I am not afraid anymore that if I snuggle him or kiss him or even do a little flirty groping I will have to put out. And so far he says he is happy with our arrangement, even without intercourse.

    It’s going to be a long road to figuring things out, but I think I can say with pretty good certainty that I am indeed a lesbian (in a SUPER confusing situation!) And I’m married, quite happily, to my straight male husband. Life is interesting. Life is good.



    August 11, 2011

    Haven’t stopped shaking yet…

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    Whew! Just took a risk and even though it didn’t pay off, it wasn’t so bad. Yesterday I briefly met a young woman, around my age, gorgeous, friendly, and possibly flirting with me. And then I left. I was very tired and didn’t think until after that she might have been not-straight (I have a habit of presuming that every woman is straight until proven otherwise).

    I happened, coincidentally, to have a way to probably reach her. So I tried it. I called today, and said “this may sound crazy, but were you maybe flirting with me?” She sounded shocked, a little pleased, and very amused, but the answer was no.

    And guess what? I didn’t get stabbed through the heart. I didn’t lose any fingers or toes, and no matter how scary it was, it wasn’t painful at all, even when my gamble didn’t pay off.

    So maybe next time you see that perfect guy or gal, and you’re too scared to take the risk… ask yourself what’s the worst that could happen, and then ask yourself what’s the best? Maybe going out on a limb could really be worth it.

    May 12, 2011

    Unfortunate Tangles

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    I have a good friend. I’ve been half in love with him since we met about 7 years ago, but at first I thought it would be a betrayal of Michael to have feelings for someone else, then we were poly but he was still off limits because he was in a relationship for a long time. Finally, recently he became available but I hesitated. I didn’t want to jump in like a vulture before the carcass of his former relationship had so much as cooled (and trust me, if facebook can be believed he had plenty of other she-vultures to contend with!) Then I was not sure if I wanted to risk our friendship or upsetting the group dynamic since he is also close friends with my step-sister and her husband.

    Apparently my step-sister doesn’t feel any of the same compunctions. They were semi-poly in the past (they were more like swingers, in a way. They would pick up a girl together, have threesomes with her for a while, but it was a purely physical thing from what I have observed.) She and her husband have been dealing with some marital discord and neither of them is great at communication… can you see how this is the opposite of what I generally counsel? Yeah, it gets worse.

    Here’s what I have pieced together from the current drama: My step-sister asked for permission to ask our friend out. Her husband, knowing that our friend has a problem with the idea of poly, said yes just so he could throw it in her face when the friend said no. The friend said yes. I would guess that he has had a crush on her for a while, possibly in part because she has been flirting with him for months. (He was also apparently in the midst of a personal breakdown when she made her move, so we can argue vulnerability here, too.) The friend is now in love with her, and still not okay with poly. He is subtly but strongly encouraging her to choose, and since he is calm and loving and her husband is having what might be called a prolonged tantrum, he is hopeful that the choice will be in his favor.

    Part of me hopes that the therapy my step-sis and her husband are in result in some resolution and her breaking things off with our friend… I’ve still got feelings for him, but at the same time I am disgusted by his behavior in this situation. I know my brother-in-law can be a jackass, but no one deserves to have his wife swiped, and my friend has made this clear that that is his “best case scenario”.

    I’m sort of feeling the urge to avoid everyone involved until the inevitable explosion happens and things calm down. GOD I hate drama.

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