May 22, 2012

A Sexy Poly Story Available Now!

Posted in Story Link at 12:03 pm by Kathleen

You may have noticed, if you have been around a while, that I recently started promoting my writing on this blog. Those posts are gone now, as I want to stay true to the audience and intention for which this blog was built, and that is to chronicle my poly journey and to connect with the poly community!

That said, I’ll still happily promote it when one of my poly-friendly stories is published!

Tricks for Kicks is available NOW from Xcite press! Click on the link to buy it now or Look Inside with Amazon!

This anthology contains a story that some of you might find extra-spicy… a male/female/male menage. Check out this hot excerpt!

Adam stepped forward until her body was pressed between both of theirs, and Jenna’s breath was coming in quick pants of excitement. “My buddy Nate, here, would really like to fuck you,” he said. Jenna whimpered as her clit seemed to twitch against the tight fabric.

“And while I’m doing that, Adam would love it if you’d suck his cock,” Nate said from behind her. His erection was pressed firmly into her ass, and she could also feel Nate’s straining against her belly.

“But if you don’t want to do those things, right here, right now, then you should leave. Because Greece is going to be way too much to handle if you don’t even want tonight.”

She’d almost forgotten about Greece. To prove it, Jenna decided that actions would speak louder than words. She dropped to her knees in front of Adam, and her fingers tore at his pants until his cock sprung free. As she sucked it into her mouth, both she and Adam released pent up moans of pleasure and desire…

Want more? Pick up a copy of Tricks for Kicks today!

Also, if you want to follow my publishing career and check out some of the other things I’ve written, check out, my brand new site, hot off the presses!


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