December 11, 2008

Anna Asked…

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I’ve been away a long time, as many of you have probably noticed. I don’t know if I am going to start this blog up full time again, as I have been happy keeping my private life just a little more private, but I have received kind emails and comments from readers, and I will try to at the very least make myself available to answer questions.

Anna asked me a couple of questions:

i want to know to. did you go?

so, i’ve been tackling a new perception about open relationships. when i began this trajectory, i was mostly concerned that people would think that my beau and i were breaking up. i’ve been learning what to do with that assumption when it surfaces. but the new attitude that i find myself running into is one that suggests that being open means being a nympho. what to do with that?

The short answer is… nope.   My husband and I had an almost perfect week all by ourselves while my mother in law watched the baby. It was like being childless all over again, and it was romantic, fun, and just the two of us, mostly. It was a big waste of money, yes, but I might pay that amount just for so much childcare!! 🙂

As for your poly question… you could always tell them that you know of a poly woman who has never had sex with anyone but her husband, and who dislikes dating. My short answer for people is that poly is a state of mind, and for us, that means total trust and the ability to develop friendships without artificial limitations.

I am not a husband/boyfriend stealing whore, and I am not addicted to sex… um, I think. Anyway, I don’t sleep around at all. 🙂  It really isn’t anyone’s business but yours, Anna, but for those who must ask, just tell them that you and your wonderful boy are both quite happy with the arrangement and each other.

Blessings all!