December 14, 2010

Sometimes People Won’t Get It

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I love my dad, but he just does not get what poly means to us. On some level, no matter how many ways I say it, he will always believe that poly is about being dissatisfied with what we have, or that we are afraid that if we commit, we’ll be missing out on something. I think in reality he is maybe a bit envious on a level that he probably doesn’t even recognize. See, my mom was in an accident when I was a kid, and she’s paralyzed from the waist down. That means no sex, and he will not cheat on or leave his crippled wife. It’s morally good of him, and my mother is too straight laced to consider poly, so he sort of stuck. I think he unconsciously resents us for taking liberties that he would never allow himself.

Some people will never get what we do or why, but it doesn’t have to be about them. Sometimes, it is just about living our lives for us, and damn the rest.

December 8, 2010

Woohoo for Sales!

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Some of you might know from reading my posts that I am a freelance writer under another name. Under THIS name I have begun publishing erotic fiction earlier this year, and today I made another sale! When I got a rejection early this morning I was actually quite happy to have gotten a good explanation of what the editor didn’t like. And when I opened up my file to check it out, I realized that she was completely right about my story! It took me a couple of hours to edit it (mostly because my three year old and my knitting were very tempting/distracting) and I sent the new version back with an explanation that if her decision was final, that was fine, but I wanted her to see how her suggestions radically changed the way I wrote the story. I got back an email offering payment!

I think there are two ways to look at writing: one is strictly as art, which is fine if you don’t care about publication, and the other way is to see it as a really fun, potentially profitable business. And one of the things you have to be able to do if you see writing as a business is to give the customer (the readers and editors) what they want. I LOVE it when editors give me a chance to chop up my work the way they want it, and I’ve made two or three sales this year by doing just that.

So, THANK YOU, Cecelia Tan for being willing to work with me and for reading my story (twice!)

Look for a lesbian, sci-fi erotic short at Circlet press, probably the 23rd or 24th (I’ll post when I know for sure).

Problems Resolved

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It’s been actually a while since we opened our relationship back up, but I have been so busy I forgot to mention it. It took us about three weeks to resolve a problem that totally rocked me to my core, but our love and friendship remained strong, and my wonderful, supportive husband gave me whatever I needed to work through my problems.

I’d just like to say publicly that I think I might have the best husband ever. 🙂