April 3, 2008

Poly in the News

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Poly is becoming increasingly wide-spread, or at least increasingly acknowledged.  I have been pleased to note several stories about polyamory in the news, many of which had a slightly sarcastic tone, but also many that did not.

The life that I live is one that I know that my parents would never accept, and that is something that I have to accept.  I am not a poly advocate, and I would not step up and cry it from the mountaintops because it is entirely possible that some well intentioned and misguided soul would step up to take my child away from me.

What I can do here from the sidelines is something that I love: I can write.  I can tell all of you about my own experiences, and show you that poly is not about orgies or unsafe sex, but rather about love, respect, and honor.  Honestly, if people have a problem with those three things, then I really do pity them.




  1. Mada said,

    I’ve said it before, but I’m glad that you have chosen to write about poly. Even if it’s not something that my husband and I would do, it’s fascinating to learn about it.

  2. Rori said,

    Amen. People’s relationship choices are THEIR choices. If you are happy, if your husband is happy, and if everyone is safe, who am I to say that any other way is better or that your child would fair better in a different environment?

    I feel the same way about my d/s relationship. It’s isn’t just about sex; it is about being happy and comfortable, and (someday) it will be about creating a loving environment for my children. Even fro purely a sexual standpoint – is it better to play out your fantasies, even if those fantasies are about domination or something else “deviant”, or is it better for your child to grow up in a home where both parents are unsatisfied and eventually divorce because of it?

  3. Unreal said,

    Rori, sadly the courts tend to say yes to that :-/
    Anything not mainstream brings your child’s safety into question…anything.

    It is sad, but true…

    I don’t live in fear of CPS knocking on my door, but it’s a creepy time to be an intelligent, questioning, truth-seeking parent 😦

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